Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 2010

Gonna fast forward my blog to this year... 2010.

End of Dec 2009

New Year celebration was nothing. I stayed at home watching (and listening) to fireworks around my place. I was staying in Sri Putramas Condo at that time. Fireworks (from Desa Park City, KLCC and 1 more unknown place) can be seen clearly at my place (9th floor).

Didnt go back for X'mas in Dec 2009 'cos I was rushing for closing though. This is also the first time I didnt go back for X'mas. Will not repeat it again. Point to Ponder: No last minute work.

Jan 2010

Started the New Year with a anxious feeling. All because of the followings:

- I know I will be moving again this month. (I just moved from one unit to another in the month of Dec and because of some reason, I had to move out asap)
- I was appointed as the person in charge of PA System for my company's annual dinner. It's gonna be a huge one and the CEO and CFO of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad are coming. Not to mention, the one that made everything happen will be there too. He is none other than Mr. Lee Boon Siong~!
- I was promoted to Business Supervisor. Great name comes with great responsibility! Haha...

Oh yeah, I closed 2 cases this month. Children of my existing client.

We shall see what is the outcome...

Feb 2010

The Annual Dinner went very very well~! Everyone liked the music, which includes my sifu (Ken C.), the founder of BUSS Malaysia (Mr. Lee) and all my closer friends cum colleagues.

Company launched one of its BMW (Buss Marathon Winner) prizes. For Silver (there are Silver, Gold and Platinum), we are going for a cruise trip on Superstar Virgo (Singapore, Phuket and Langkawi). Not only that, we are going to extend one more night at Sentosa, Singapore~!

CNY is around the corner, most of us are in the mood already... This month is a month where we will have lesser days to see people. So gotta buck up~!

Since tomorrow will be the last day of the month. I shall announce that I have also closed 2 cases this month. Both are my primary school friends!


From 1 Jan 2010 - 10 Apr 2010, I will be on vegetarian food intake. Not for losing weight but more on health and also a commitment for my own personal deal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sep 2009 - Dec 2009

Ahh... finally found the mood to post some updates here. Im gonna update sekaligus on what had happened last quarter of the year 2009 lo...

September 2009

Definitely the best month cos my birthday falls on September! Cant really recall what had happened. Let me see... Well, I had my 1st Jogoya buffet dinner with a friend of mine from Singapore. It was like a birthday dinner la... then after that we went ahead for a movie at Pavillion.

What else? Oh yeah... I managed to close 6 cases this month with a total ALP of RM13,800. I broke my personal monthly record!

October 2009

BUSS Malaysia has organized a seminar called Final Sprint for all the associates. This seminar is meant to boost our motivation and also provide us with some tips on how to achieve out target in a more efficient and effective way.

Basically, in Life Insurance Industry, the last quarter will be the busiest time of the year where everyone is 'chasing' for target.

This is a slow month for me. I only managed to close 2 cases. Both cases are referred cases. Felt good though.

November 2009

2 more months till year end. Nothing much to update cos seriously, i cant recall much...

Closed 3 cases... 1 from cold calling... lead to another one... then one more is client's brother.

December 2009

The most exciting month of the year. basically busy for appointments and sales.

Got 2 cases from Kuantan... a friend helped me to approach and close.
Basically collecting results from the work that I have put in in Oct and Nov.

Closed 9 cases with a total ALP of RM17,760. Again, broke my personal record~!


Ok, I will try to update more frequently... seriously... till then... take care...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

145 days later...

Well... I cant seemed to sleep tonight. So, I decided to post something here la...

Today is the 145th day after my last post back in 2 April 2009. Let me update you guys a lil bit.

April 2009

Basically, this month was a great month for me. BUSS has extended the BMW Silver 2009 Challenge to 15 April 2009. Meaning I have about 2 weeks to fight for it - Tour package to Bangkok!

I was rushing here and there to close cases and I have 3 cases on the last day, 15 April 2009.

Finally, I managed to submit all the cases required. However, I didn't qualify for the challenge as I have 2 cases that are still pending due to deferment.

I closed 7 cases this month.

All in all a wonderful experience~! Thanks to those who supported me. You know who you are.

May 2009

Not too productive month, but I learnt a lot from my seniors through the structured activities. Closed only 1 case.

June 2009

Still going through the structured activities. Close only 1 case.

July 2009

I went back to Bkt Mertajam by myself to open cases. Half way through, I realised that I have not been focusing on my warm market. No wonder I only have one case a month for the passed 3 months.

I immediately shift my focus. The next week, I closed 2 cases!

August 2009

Due to the focus shift, I am now "on fire". First 2 weeks of August, I have closed another 3 cases!

I commited to my Business Unit to submit 16 cases this month. At the moment, I have submitted 5 cases.

11 to go... Gambade~!


Well, basically my life with BUSS was very exciting in a way. I have learned a lot of things, especially from my seniors, who are willing to teach, guide and coach. Really Appreciate that!

Will post more good news here in September 2009. Another milestone to set.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another 45 days later...

Today is the 45th Day after my last posting...

I left my job at Jaya One... My last day was 23 Feb 2009.

I sent my laptop for repair as the display was disrupted randomly and it affects my productivity when it comes to work. It took HP 2 days to settle my problem and guess what? They changed a new system board (laymen term = motherboard) for me! The problem is 99% solved because after the repair, the problem came back ONCE. Their customer service is good in the sense that they still follow up with you on how's the progress and the condition of the laptop. I guess this is what MNCs suppose to keep up ya?

I joined BUSS for full time after I left Jaya One. I left without much savings in my bank account but that doesnt stop me from achieving what I wanted.

I always wanted to be a "paid emcee" since college time. My days in an event management company made me even want to be one as I know how much "paid emcee" are being paid. So, here and there, I got some emcee jobs. Good money but not stable. How good is good? Well, I can survive without any extra income if I have 2-3 emcee jobs a month. Each job has to range from RM600 - RM1200. Emcee jobs are well paid but bear in mind that not all emcee has jobs every month, especially in this time of economic. A&P are slow, events are slow and thus, emcee jobs also slow.

Emcee charges based on duration, location and also the occasion. Some emcees are paid RM400 - RM500 an hour! However, those are professional emcees that does only emcee work for a living. As for me, I am lucky enough to charge RM150 - RM200 per hour as I am a freelance emcee.

Many said I have nice voice. In one of the roadshow that I hosted, one of the passer by asked me why my voice sounded better compared to the other one (who is also talking using a mic). I humbly said that it is because of the microphone. The passer by laughed at me and ask me not to be so humble. I just smiled.

Well, at the moment I am still ok, still surviving.

Signing off now. I will tell you a little bit more about BUSS in my next post. Hopefully, not another 45 days later. (^_^)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

45 Days Later

Well, it is now 1 and a half months since my last post. Kinda long uh? Sometimes, I need to find the mood to blog also la... dont mind ya?

Hmm... nothing much has happened since then. Chinese New Year? Yeah, I went back to Bukit Mertajam for like 9 days. My sister followed me back cos she cant get a bus ticket due to the overwhelming response. Not to mention that the bus ticket was priced highly just because of CNY, ridiculous.

Went back on afternoon of 23 Jan. Reached home about 8pm. Unpack and then I had to go sleep la cos driving long distance. Furthermore, we need to go to the church the next morning. Met with a few old friends on Sunday Mass. Nothing much also, didnt really get out from the house cos the weather is damn hot.

On 3rd Day of CNY, my friends and I had a gathering at our Primary School Class Teacher's place. It was like our yearly tradition to visit her. This time, I am the organizer. I guess every one is now kinda busy with work and other commitments. We only manage to gather 10 people this time. Im glad cos it is still a double-digit attendance. Some of our friends who are working in Singapore cannot make it cos they need to start work on the 3rd day ot 4th day.

Suppose to have more people attending this gathering but just as you thought those who rsvp'ed will come... things happen. Murphy's Law... 3 of my friends cant make it due to health condition. But then I was glad that one of my friend who hasn't come back for CNY for the past 6 years, joined us this year.

Hmmm... I guess we are busier as we grow older. Work, commitment, and so on. The most importantly, many of us cant control our OWN time. That is kinda sad but that's life.