Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 2010

Gonna fast forward my blog to this year... 2010.

End of Dec 2009

New Year celebration was nothing. I stayed at home watching (and listening) to fireworks around my place. I was staying in Sri Putramas Condo at that time. Fireworks (from Desa Park City, KLCC and 1 more unknown place) can be seen clearly at my place (9th floor).

Didnt go back for X'mas in Dec 2009 'cos I was rushing for closing though. This is also the first time I didnt go back for X'mas. Will not repeat it again. Point to Ponder: No last minute work.

Jan 2010

Started the New Year with a anxious feeling. All because of the followings:

- I know I will be moving again this month. (I just moved from one unit to another in the month of Dec and because of some reason, I had to move out asap)
- I was appointed as the person in charge of PA System for my company's annual dinner. It's gonna be a huge one and the CEO and CFO of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad are coming. Not to mention, the one that made everything happen will be there too. He is none other than Mr. Lee Boon Siong~!
- I was promoted to Business Supervisor. Great name comes with great responsibility! Haha...

Oh yeah, I closed 2 cases this month. Children of my existing client.

We shall see what is the outcome...

Feb 2010

The Annual Dinner went very very well~! Everyone liked the music, which includes my sifu (Ken C.), the founder of BUSS Malaysia (Mr. Lee) and all my closer friends cum colleagues.

Company launched one of its BMW (Buss Marathon Winner) prizes. For Silver (there are Silver, Gold and Platinum), we are going for a cruise trip on Superstar Virgo (Singapore, Phuket and Langkawi). Not only that, we are going to extend one more night at Sentosa, Singapore~!

CNY is around the corner, most of us are in the mood already... This month is a month where we will have lesser days to see people. So gotta buck up~!

Since tomorrow will be the last day of the month. I shall announce that I have also closed 2 cases this month. Both are my primary school friends!


From 1 Jan 2010 - 10 Apr 2010, I will be on vegetarian food intake. Not for losing weight but more on health and also a commitment for my own personal deal.


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