Sunday, February 15, 2009

45 Days Later

Well, it is now 1 and a half months since my last post. Kinda long uh? Sometimes, I need to find the mood to blog also la... dont mind ya?

Hmm... nothing much has happened since then. Chinese New Year? Yeah, I went back to Bukit Mertajam for like 9 days. My sister followed me back cos she cant get a bus ticket due to the overwhelming response. Not to mention that the bus ticket was priced highly just because of CNY, ridiculous.

Went back on afternoon of 23 Jan. Reached home about 8pm. Unpack and then I had to go sleep la cos driving long distance. Furthermore, we need to go to the church the next morning. Met with a few old friends on Sunday Mass. Nothing much also, didnt really get out from the house cos the weather is damn hot.

On 3rd Day of CNY, my friends and I had a gathering at our Primary School Class Teacher's place. It was like our yearly tradition to visit her. This time, I am the organizer. I guess every one is now kinda busy with work and other commitments. We only manage to gather 10 people this time. Im glad cos it is still a double-digit attendance. Some of our friends who are working in Singapore cannot make it cos they need to start work on the 3rd day ot 4th day.

Suppose to have more people attending this gathering but just as you thought those who rsvp'ed will come... things happen. Murphy's Law... 3 of my friends cant make it due to health condition. But then I was glad that one of my friend who hasn't come back for CNY for the past 6 years, joined us this year.

Hmmm... I guess we are busier as we grow older. Work, commitment, and so on. The most importantly, many of us cant control our OWN time. That is kinda sad but that's life.


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Li said...

berkunjung...salam kenal yaa...


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